Our Vision

            ECO AQUA BioTech is a One stop Solution Provider and Consulting services for the Aquaculture farming. Through its accumulated experience and  in-house generated know-how, the company boasts excellent knowledge of the needs for aquaculture service and solution . Its success lies on entrepreneurial spirit, fuelled by dynamic teamwork and collaboration, founded on trust and respect. The Company is strongly committed to the continuous development of its people, celebrating individual and collective growth and achievements. These qualities enable the company to provide integrated and comprehensive business development services and solutions.

Our Mission

             ECO AQUA BioTech identifies business opportunities, develops highly profitable business models and designs projects with high added value. Our main mission is to improve the competitive position of our clients, ensuring their rational and sustainable growth, by assisting them in achieving their stated development goals on time, within budget and with the agreed level of quality.

              ECO AQUA BioTech’s employees work towards the Company’s vision by providing advice, information and solutions that make a positive difference for our clients.  As a result, ECO AQUA partners with its clients to solve their most important and complex problems, making their mission our mission, and delivering lasting results.